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As always, he returned to his surroundings consumed with a mixture of guilt and shame. He looked around, suddenly aware of xvideos free the filthy, sticky floor, graffiti laden walls and the pungent odor of stale urine. He wondered if the few, sparse moments of pleasure and forgetfulness were worth how he always felt afterwards. Sad. Lonely. Dirty. He tugged on the sleeves wwwxvideos.com of his shirt, glanced down at both wrists, hd xvideos and then left as quickly as he arrived. Now porno xvideos that he had found what he had been looking for, the walk back to his car seemed to take forever. He felt conspicuous, as though everyone he passed by knew what he had been doing. xvidio He put hd xvideos his headphones on, allowing the cleansing, crystalline voice of Bjork telugu xvideos to wash x videos over him. When he reached his car, he retrieved a bottle from beneath the seat and took a couple of quick sips before he started off for school. ************************************** That night, xvideos mom once more, Jackson slept www.xvideos restlessly. He woke up around two am, looked at the clock and noticed the date. Four years to the day. He turned xvideos porno over and fell back into restless slumber. In the morning, he had x-videos no memory of awakening. When he awoke, Jackson had an inexplicable feeling of apprehension. Both www xvideos of his parents were sitting at the table in a frigid silence when he entered the kitchen. Shit. He hated it when they were home. desi xvideos They both traveled frequently for business and very xvideos video often, he had the entire house to himself. He didn't miss either one of them when they were gone. When his grandmother was alive, she had loved to tell Jackson the xvideos japan romantic story of how his parents had met. 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Since eighth grade, he xvideos download had had one or xvideos brasil the other of their cocks in his mouth. He was pretty sure none of them knew about the others. He xvidos was also pretty sure that they all wanted to keep it that way. Sooner or later, he knew they would xvideos gay get tired gay xvideos of playing with him x videos.com and move on to their next victim. "Hey, Jackson, what's up?" Startled, Jackson turned to see the new boy speaking to him. They had never spoken before. Although he had made a point of finding out who Brodie was, he didn't think Brodie knew he was alive, much less knew his name. Scenting fresh meat, the other four boys turned in unison to face Brodie. "Well, if it isn't...." Marcus started to say, still speaking in falsetto tones. The look in Brodie's eyes stopped him mid-sentence. Instantaneously, Brodie turned from prey www.xvideo.com into predator. His quiet demeanor transformed into menace so quickly that even Marcus xxvideos was taken aback. 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There was something about Brodie that intrigued him and made him want to get to know Brodie better. He wwwxvideos laughed xvidos.com sardonically to himself. That was highly unlikely. The habits of solitude were hard www.xvideos com to break. mom xvideos By the time he saw Brodie again, at the end of the day in xvideos download their Music Composition class, Jackson had concluded that Brodie was the kind of person who felt sorry for people. Every person he had observed Brodie talking to xvideo gay or rescuing were people that were considered losers. Is that how Brodie saw him? Probably. He grimaced. When he saw Jax enter the classroom, Brodie called out, "Hey Jax, what up?" Jackson almost looked behind him. Jax?? Well, it was better than Jacqueline. When Brodie motioned him over, Jax noticed the two people sitting next to him. They were identical in feature except for gender. They had to be twins. Even sitting down, it was obvious that they were almost as tall if xvideos anal not taller than Brodie's six feet plus inches. They were both the color of bittersweet chocolate with black, shining, almond shaped eyes. The girl's braided hair was parted on the side with xvideos a streak of gray in the front. The guy had videos x xvids short dreads; the ones in the front were all gray. They both had high, sharply carved cheekbones. "This man here is, "Big Noise", xvideos.con also known as Cutt or Cutter. And this lady here is "Sinful", also known as Sinclair." Brodie flinched as Sinclair popped him on the arm with a fist. Jackson looked at the three of them curiously. He hadn't known any of them for more than a week, but even he could www xvideos com tell that Cutter was a xvideos. com man of xvideos teen few words. Jax was pretty sure he had never heard Cutter speak more than three or four words at a time. In Music Composition class, he made himself understood with brief, succinct answers. Jax wasn't xvideo.com sure how someone like that ended up being called "Big Noise." "Alright, Dirty," Cutter said to Brodie, nodding his head in a manner that was slightly threatening. "Yeah, Dirty," Sinclair added. "This is Brodie," she said xvidios to Jackson with xvids a wicked grin that lit up her www xvideos face and made it even more beautiful if that were possible. "Also known as "Dirty Harry," she xvideos .com continued with desi xvideos a xvideos indo laugh. Jackson www.xvideo looked at Brodie speculatively, 'Dirty Harry', he mused. Couldn't figure that one out either. But Sinful was easy, he thought. Even he could tell that Sinclair would be just about anyone's idea of xvideos .com a wet dream. "Since we're conducting introductions," a voice behind Jackson said, "I'm Christian." 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"You don't let them get to know you," Cutt had muttered once when he heard her say that for the thousandth wwwxvideos.com time. Sinclair had given him a withering look and not said anything else. x-videos Christian held out his hand to Brodie and Cutter. Mr. Baird walked into the room as they xvideos red were completing introductions. "Glad to see that you're all getting acquainted," he x vedios said. "Because this is it." They looked at him with questioning expressions on their faces. "I've just come from the office. Apparently, there has been some xvidos.com type of misunderstanding. Did you all sign up for Music Composition or for Music Comprehension?" When they each stated that they were there for Music Composition, Mr. www xvideos com Baird sighed with relief and grinned widely. "This may not be www xvideos com a bad thing," he said. "We can get a lot more accomplished with a smaller class and there's a couple of things I'd like to xvideo gay experiment with if you are all agreeable." They nodded their heads in xvidios agreement. xvideo com Mr. Baird rubbed his hands together and videos x said, "Okay, let's get started." ************************************ 3 Later that day, Jax became consciously aware of the date. Since the first xvideos porn anniversary, he tried not to notice. Four years to the day. His nonexistent heart shattered all over again. Five weeks, two xvideos japanese days, six hours and seventeen minutes. xx videos He had painstakingly calculated the time it had taken for him to lose everything in his life that mattered. The day his grandmother had been diagnosed with xvieos the cancer that had ended her life so abruptly was burned with brutal accuracy in his memory. His mother had come to pick him up from the doctor's office, angry that she had to pick him up www.xvideos com and take him to school. When he had protested that he wanted to go to the hospital with his grandmother, his mother had said, "You are going xvids to school. No arguments." He had subsided with bitter fury. How could this... person xvideos porn have come from his grandmother? xvidios Her mother was sick and all she was concerned about was returning to work in time for a meeting. The only time his grandmother had ever become upset with Jackson was when he had made a disparaging comment about his mother. She had erupted furiously, tiny body quivering with rage, "Ah don' evah wanna hear you disrespectin' your mama like that again, Jackson," she had said. "Nevah. I'm 'shamed of you." Her southern accent was more evident than xvideos porno usual, thickened with anger. Her eyes had welled with tears the instant his did. Her anger evaporated as quickly as it had appeared. "C'mere, old man," she said. He had walked to her side hesitantly, hurt and embarrassed. She guided him over to one of the many potted plants in her bedroom and said, "Me x.videos xxxvideo and you is like these plants here. These 'ol plants, why, if I was to forget to water them xvideos gays for a couple of x videos days, maybe even a week, they might not like it, but soon as they got some water, they'd be fine. That's how me and you is, old man." Taking his hand gently in hers, hd xvideos she walked him over free xvideos to a small, fragile plant with tiny pink indian xvideos blossoms. "Now your Mama, your mama is like this xvideos brasil plant. If I don't water this plant, if I don't take care of it right, it's telugu xvideos gonna wither up and never be the same. Probably die, most xvedios like." She stopped speaking and stared down at the plant for a long time. Jackson waited, serious blue eyes wide and trying to understand, until she began to speak again. Her pale blue eyes had darkened to midnight with painful memories. "Old man, when me and your Mama lived xxxvideos in Tennessee, it wasn't like this life you have here. There was times when we was hungry, times we did without." His grandma's lips trembled and she pressed them together firmly. "And your mama ain't never wwwxvideos been the same." She stared into Jackson's eyes intently. "You understand www.xvideos.com me?" "Yes, ma'am," xvidos he had said, even though he wasn't entirely sure he did. xvidoes So, that terrible day, instead of expressing resentment, knowing that it would upset his grandmother if he did so, he settled back into xvideos red the seat and didn't utter a word throughout the drive to school. He had spent xvido the day distracted, www.xvideos com confused and attempting to conceal his sorrow. Throughout that day, he had released his heartache in quick, unobtrusive trips to the bathroom where he'd lean against the stall and sob xvideo into his hands, stricken with anguish and fear. When he was able to regain control, he'd splash his face with cold water and return to class. He shared his grief xvidos.com with no one, and no one noticed the always quiet, small, twelve year old boy whose world was caving in around him. Today, over four years later, it had started all over again. He wasn't twelve years old anymore, and a significant amount of time had elapsed. Still, the pain was as raw and as fresh as if it had all just happened. *********************************** Brodie was glad that they were given ninety minutes for lunch. That was one of the few things he liked about this school. The ninety minutes was considered free time but they xvideos com could xvideos anal not leave the school campus. He was cool with that. While exploring during his first week at the Paris School, Brodie had found a small, dense grove of trees on the edge of the school grounds. It was isolated and as far as he knew, no one came out here. This was one of the ways he made it through each day. After three weeks,